Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Song of the South

A Confederate Wooden Helicopter.
Where do I begin.

Look Away, Look Away, Look Away. Dixieland.
Morrison Luke Smith

Food Stamps and the Hungry.

food stamps 2010How rich is the land of opportunity?  It varies.  Slate has an interesting interactive tool to find out just how poor your county is in terms of food stamp usage. Link is here. It's pretty interesting.

And it's increasing.  Pick your party to blame, but the fact is that people are still hungry. 

It raises the usual can of worms for American values of personal responsibility, but also our desire as people to care for the less fortunate.  It's issues like this that are the crux of the national debate about taxing and spending.  No one wants to care for the lazy poor.  But what about when the poor are our families, our neighbors.  Experience sometimes changes views. 

Morrison Luke Smith