Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trust Us. We care.

The NSA announced today that it's historical invasion of our privacy has not been for naught.   These efforts have led to the defeat of 50 terrorist events world wide.

Here are some of the highlights
1) Interrupted a terrorist cell's pizza order.
2) Prank called Al Jazeera and asked if their coke machine was running.  Good fun.
(yes, we know Al Jazeera is a news organization.  NSA does what they want).
3) Listened in on your call to your girlfriend.  (Can we edit that one out?)
4) Added your blog posts to a "file" in the "cloud" about you.
5) This gets potentially less funny.

Technically this shouldn't be news to anyone.  Revelations about this date back years.
Somehow that's not more comforting.

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