Monday, May 13, 2013

Awwwwww Newt...

It is connected to the world of communication... with out tubes.

Like the horseless carriage, it needs a better name.

It has a WORLD of opportunity.

The first use of this was in 1973.  He got his first one of these in 2012.  (I made the 2012 part up.  That was my dad that did that.  OK, I'm even exaggerating that). (Note that I tell no actual lies here.  But I'm constantly having to back track to be accurate).

Newt Gingrinch (sic) on the miracle of "wicky-pedia" and the misleading misnomer of his handheld computer, or "smart phone" .

In honor of that, here I am with my camera phone.

morrison luke smith
Morrison Luke Smith

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