Thursday, May 9, 2013

This week in Crime!!!

$45 million stolen from ATM's?  That's the news from the BBC today, where we see that arrests have been made in an ongoing rash of cyber-crime, seen HERE.  Earlier this year, A credit ring stole $210 million, as reported HERE!  In more dramatic crime news, they caught the jewel thieves who stole $51 million in diamonds in a daring heist, reports the Atlantic Wire today.

Just as amazing as the scope and daring of these crimes is how quickly they were solved.  

 Crime truly doesn't pay.  I suspect that there's a reason for this.  For example, there is a student in my class who told me that his life goal is to form a team, perhaps in montage, and then perform heists.  I suspect that the urge to form teams, in a montage, and then perform heists, and then brag about it, is the down fall of the criminals.


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