Wednesday, May 1, 2013

North Korean Krazy

In a post on BBC linked HERE, a US citizen was sentenced to 15 years for some kind of spying "crap."  I use such random terms, because, well, it's North Korea.  This is step 18 in their ongoing plan to get some food on the table.  If your not up on their methods, hit me up in the comments and I'll build a blogpost showing their history of...

1) Spend all the State's resources on a massive, 50's level of military technology. Note this picture.
"Give me a quarter"
a) Assembled from a filing cabinet
b) A mouse from a stolen computer
c) Connected to "interwebs" with a phone cable
d) Obvious "ooh-ah" response from the peeps.

2) Get really hungry when the weather isn't perfect (ex: massive famines of 90s)
3) Threaten to blow up Seoul / Make nuclear weapon (singular intentional) / Threaten to launch missile (sic)
4) Get fed.

I link HERE to an earlier post... This latest personal abuse just ups the ante. They've done it before, They'll do it again.  Now we have to send in an unofficial ambassador, like Bill Clinton, or this legend.

I'll feed you

Yours, Morrison Luke Smith

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