Wednesday, May 15, 2013

House saves money on Ag bill... cuts food for poor?

At least we're not at the bread and circuses point!
House votes to cut SNAP (food stamps) by 3%, discussed HERE.

Several Republicans talked about their Christianity and said the Bible encourages people to help each other but doesn't dictate what the federal government should do. "We should be doing this as individuals, helping the poor," said Representative Doug LaMalfa, a Republican from California.

Yes we should do this as individuals.  I'm trying to find out if we do, to any real level of effectiveness.  Cutting SNAP by 3%.  What does this mean? Are we starving people? Are we just making them hungry?  I don't know.  Discuss.

The house also voted to extend/increase farm subsidies.

"Let's give certainty to an industry that has been a bright spot in an otherwise dismal economy," he (Frank Lucas (R), OK) said as he opened the committee meeting.

I don't know if affected people are going to fall asleep in my class tomorrow because they didn't have breakfast.  I do know they have a lousy lobbyist.
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